Who We Are

At the heart of our mission beats a profound commitment to storytelling, an unwavering passion for connecting with global audiences, and the determination to make an impact.

Our journey is reminiscent of the remarkable path blazed by Infantry Pictures, which has captivated over a billion viewers worldwide. Our shared goal: to deliver narratives that resonate deeply with our audience.

Our journey commences with a profound reverence for the artistry of filmmaking and an insatiable thirst for exploration. Drawing inspiration from the visionary leadership of CEO G.S. Dhillon, who, much like the inception of Infantry Pictures, skillfully bridged the divide between filmmakers and the world, we embark on a mission to catapult the narratives of emerging filmmakers into the spotlight. In harmony with the principles embraced by Infantry Pictures, we hold in high regard the essential role of a strong foundation. Our endeavour is rooted in timeless traditions, paying tribute to their enduring legacy while imbuing them with innovative, modern perspectives.

As Infantry Pictures does with thousands of artists, we too champion the strength of collaboration. Our doors are wide open for partnerships with individuals who share our burning passion for storytelling.

Just as Infantry Pictures adapts to seize new distribution opportunities, we are dedicated to evolution in the ever-changing landscape of modern warfare. Our embrace of technology and innovation is geared towards connecting more deeply with our audiences.

As Infantry Pictures releases over 15 new films annually, we eagerly anticipate crafting a diverse portfolio of content that strikes a chord with viewers. Our ultimate aim is to capture the essence of infantry life while extending our reach to a global audience.

Join us on this thrilling journey as we traverse the world of infantry, bringing its riveting stories to life for audiences worldwide.